Pricing - Business Plan Writing 

All our plans are bespoke and built from scratch for your business.  We do not use business planning software or templates.  Despite the fact that every plan is unique, most plans that we write follow a similar structure.  Due to this, we are able to provide some options and offer indicative pricing for each of those options.


We will provide a quote for an exact price following our initial consultation.  We arrive at a price for your specific plan using a matrix which examines the following variables:

  • Size of market requiring research (Is your market limited to one city, to the UK or are you targetting an international market?)
  • Audience for the plan (Is this for friends and family, your bank manager, a private investor or a large venture capital company?)
  • Complexity of concept (Is your business a fish and chip shop or are you launching a revolutionary new technology?)
  • Complexity of Financial Modelling (Are three years of simple financial statements sufficient or do you require complex scenario modelling and ratio analysis?)

We can also, for an additional fee, prepare a powerpoint deck for investor presentations or offer you a visually enhanced plan via our graphic design partners. 

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Pricing - Project & Business Support

Continuous Business Planning is more than just our business name.  It articulates our philosophy of business.  We do not want to simply create a business plan and then walk away whilst you struggle to implement the marketing and operational plans we have helped you to develop.  We are the exact opposite of most consultants who want you to pay for their time and knowledge and then walk away rather than work with you to achieve the desired results.  Our project managers stand by the quality of our plans and will help you to implement them.  Our project and business support services are priced on a monthly basis. 


Just to further clarify a few points about these options for our small business support service, we have outlined a few key points below.

Start Up Or Enterprise?

If you are wondering if you are a start up or enterprise, the answer is governed by the reach of your ambition.  At Continuous Business Planning, we categorise a start up as a business with sufficient resources to effectively handle one project at a time.  An enterprise on the other hand has sufficient resources to take on two or even three projects simultaneously.

No Minimum Term Contracts

We believe that our service will be so beneficial to your small business, we don’t need to trap you into a service that you don’t feel you want or need anymore.  If for any reason you decide that you no longer require our monthly service, simply let us know before the end of the month and we’ll shake hands and that’ll be that. 

Upgrade or Downgrade Your Package When You Like

You have complete flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your monthly package whenever you please. 

Contact us  today to discuss which business support package is most appropriate for you and your business.

Pricing - Project Work

All project work is on a fixed price basis. Our fixed prices are based upon a standard hourly rate.

£30 per hour

That's right.  For about a tenth of what you would pay a solicitor and for less than most qualified tradesmen would charge and with no trumped up call out charge, you have full access to us and our team of small business owners.   Contact us with the work that you want us or our team to do and we will give you an instant quote based upon the number of hours we believe it will take for completion.  That price is then fixed, so if the work ends up taking twice as long, you only pay the one fixed price agreed.  We are happy to take a small role involving just one hour or get involved in a more significant way up to and including large team projects spanning several months.

Alternatively, for process and performance improvement projects, talk to us about our success based fee structure.  We guarantee your results by working for a percentage of the value the project adds to your business.  If we can't help, we work for free.

 Please contact us today for a no obligation quote for project work.